PMCampBCN 2017 - Sessions

Please help to document the session and insights of participants in the wiki.

As the language of the PM Camp Barcelona is English - all contributions on this page and the following sub-pages are in English, 
even if the most content on openPM is in German, we are very glad to support the European PMCampBCN with this wiki.

PMCampBCN 2015 - Sessions 

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And here is a short how-to-description how documentation in this wiki works:

How to document on openPM?

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How to register/sign-in?

Where do I find my barcamp documentation?

How can I create a page?

How to edit an existing page?

How to format text?

How to insert pictures, tables, etc?

How to insert a hyperlink?

How to insert Tweets (Twitter)?

If you need further assisstance?

How to register/sign-in?

To Register/Sign-In please use the Buttons in the top right corner:

Follow the registration:


and Login

Where do I find my barcamp documentation?

You can use the search function:


("Suchen" is German for search.)

Or for the PMCampBer use the links above... (PMCampBCN 2015 - Documentation)

How can I create a page?

When you want to create a page please navigate to the documentation page of your barcamp and then click "Create":


A new page will be created underneath the current page.

Please follow the dialogue:


Unfortunatelly parts of this dialogue are in German again. Bloody Germans! (As this comment was contributed by a German admin, it is not a violation of our nettiquette):

"Erstellen" means Create

"Schließen" means Close

If your creating a session docu, please start your page title: "Docu: ..." and also use the tagging possibilities.

How to edit an existing page?

It´s not unpolite to edit someone elses page but an contribution - a gift! Please feel free to add additional information or sources, add a picture or correct a mistake Comments and discussion are welcome

For editing just navigate to the page you want to edit and click "Edit":


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How to format text?

...please use the editor functionality:

How to insert pictures, tables, etc?

Again there are specific icons in the editor bar:

How to insert a hyperlink?

Please mark the text you want to create a hyperlink for and click:

And follow the dialogue:

Again this diaologue is partly in German:

"Verknüpfung einfügen" = Insert a Hyperlink

"Suchen" = Search

"Verknüpfungstandort" = The hyperlink itself (e.g. http://.... - not needed if you refer to another wiki page.)

"Verknüpfungstext" = The text how the hyperlink will be displayed on the page

"Einfügen" = Insert

"Abbrechen" = Cancel

The various options are:

Search: Search for another page in the wiki you want to refer to. Just start entering the title of that page.

Recently Viewed: Offers you the wiki pages you recently visited. Quite helpful if you just created a new page and now want to insert hyperlinks to that page on other pages.

Attachments: You can add file attachments to a page (see section "How to insert pictures/...?" above). Using this option you can create a hyperlink referring to one of those attachments of a page.

Web Link: A hyperlink referring to any url in the internet.

How to insert Tweets (Twitter)?

To include a tweet on a page just copy the twitter url into the editor:

The editor will automatically change this url into a widget:

And after safing the tweet will be included in the page such as:

If you need further assisstance?

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