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Presenter: Sinead

Sharing the knowledge

  • The more you know, the stronger you are as a team
  • You need to be the change that you want to see:
    • Generate the right environment
    • Create an environment of trust
    • People have to trust that it’s okay to share the information
    • It has to be a two-way thing
  • You need to know your team’s strengths-weaknesses – open door policy
    • Have to assume that they have something to share
    • Have a platform for sharing
    • The team needs to know they can approach you/others
  • Share the big picture:
    • Everybody should be on the same page
    • Is my information relevant? – All team members should know what the big picture is -> streamline them
  • Clarify team roles beforehand: assign tasks, roles for reporting
  • Be clear on what the objective is
  • Set up a structure and tools for information sharing
    • E.g.: Knowledge Base:
      • Summary pages
      • Use categories
      • Relevant information to relevant parties
      • Pages that can be easily outdated could be rather blog posts
  • Types:
    • Informal meetings: Chatting – coffee breaks
    • Formal reports/updates – milestones: send regular updates (e.g. weekly)
    • Both of them are needed
  • Say out loud the praising words -> motivation for sharing
  • Don’t make people feel bad for the failures: help them learn
    • Failure is only failure if you do not learn from it.
  • No bad ideas
  • Train people to share information in a multi-cultural environment -> guidelines to share
  • Ask team for suggestions